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Terms and conditions

1. Membership 

1.1 Membership in Norwegian Reward is established between Norwegian LoyaltyCo AS, organisation number 992 197 552, PO Box 115, NO-1330 Fornebu, Norway (hereinafter referred to as “Norwegian Reward”) and the individual member (“the Member”). Membership in the loyalty program, Norwegian Reward, is established by registering a profile and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions with (i) the airline Norwegian (ii) on the Norwegian Reward website or (iii) by entering into an agreement with a Reward Partner. The membership is personal and it is implied that only the registered Member is entitled to make use of it. For persons under the age of 16, parental or guardian consent is required.  

1.2 Membership in Norwegian Reward is granted to only one person per membership number and only physical persons can become Members. A person is not allowed to have more than one Member profile. Membership is registered in the Member’s full name with an email address that the Member states. Use of membership for commercial purposes is prohibited. 

Norwegian Reward may permit Members to create a “Family Account” and transfer all earned CashPoints of invited Members to a single account managed by the Head of Family Account who controls said account and can spend CashPoints. CashPoints transferred to a Family Account cannot be further transferred or returned to the individual Member's account. For more information about Family Accounts, see section 5. 

1.3 Any breach of these membership Terms and Conditions or misuse of the membership, can lead to the membership being terminated immediately. Upon such termination, all CashPoints and benefits earned will be deleted. Suspected criminal breach of these membership Terms and Conditions, or any other committed criminal offence by virtue of being a Member of the Norwegian Reward program, may be reported to the authorities. 

1.4 There is no fee to enroll in Norwegian Reward, but qualifying purchases are required in order to earn CashPoints and benefits. See section 3.1 for qualifying purchases. 

1.5 Norwegian Reward reserves the right to approve, deny or revoke membership at any time, for any or no reason, in its sole discretion. 

1.6 By becoming a Member of Norwegian Reward, it is necessary for Norwegian Reward to collect and use personal data about Members. Norwegian LoyaltyCo AS is the controller for the processing of Members’ personal data. The Norwegian Reward Privacy Policy explains how Norwegian Reward collects, uses and discloses personal data when Members use the Norwegian Reward service and otherwise interact with the program. As a Member you can at any time choose to end your membership by deleting your profile. See our Privacy Policy for details about our deleting of personal data.  

2. The Loyalty Program 

2.1 Norwegian Reward is a free loyalty program where Members have the opportunity to earn CashPoints and other benefits (“benefits”) when purchasing goods and services from the airline Norwegian and from other suppliers of goods and services associated with Norwegian Reward (“Reward Partners”). 

2.2 Norwegian Reward will continuously try to expand the scope of goods and services which give the possibility to earn CashPoints and benefits, by adding new Reward Partners to the loyalty program. Members will periodically receive information from Norwegian Reward notifying them on their current Member status, program news, earning opportunities and offers from the airline Norwegian, together with the Reward Partners. An overview of Member benefits and offers will also be available at 

2.3 Norwegian Reward assumes no liability for, and declines all liability arising from, products and services offered by other participating companies and/or Norwegian Reward collaborating Reward Partners.  

3. Earning CashPoints and benefits

3.1 CashPoints and benefits are earned by Members making purchases of goods and services from the airline Norwegian and the Reward Partners according to the applicable accumulation rates and conditions set by the airline Norwegian and the Reward Partners. 

CashPoints is Norwegian's digital currency, with a value equivalent to that of the Norwegian Krone. 

Members may earn benefits on their activity, such as the number of flights purchased and taken. Available benefits may vary, and campaign benefits may also be offered. Members may earn benefits based only on flights purchased by and taken by the Member and not for flights purchased for others. Benefits can only be used by the Member earning them and cannot be shared with others. Multiple benefits can be earned and be combined and used by the Member. See the benefits page for more information. 

3.2 The purchase of goods and services allows the Member to earn CashPoints and/or benefits once the payment transaction for said purchase is irrevocably completed. In the case that a payment for a good or service (including travel) is refunded, canceled or reversed, the earned CashPoints and/or benefits will also be reversed. Benefits will become available in the Member's account once the required travel has been completed. 

3.3 The purchase of goods and services allows the Member to earn CashPoints and benefits only when the payment is done electronically. To earn qualified CashPoints, the accepted forms of payment are credit card, debit card, telephone or another approved form of payment associated with a Member’s Norwegian Reward account and registered with the current Reward Partner. Members cannot earn CashPoints on the portion of any purchase which is paid with CashPoints. Members are responsible for making sure their Reward Number is registered upon purchase in accordance with the applicable rules for the specific partner. 

3.4 It may be possible to register CashPoints after the purchase of goods and services from Norwegian and/or a Reward Partner is completed, also known as retro claiming. A Member’s ability to register CashPoints after a purchase from a Reward Partner is completed is determined by the Reward Partner. Norwegian may permit Members to add their Reward Number up to thirty (30) days after their flight departure to claim CashPoints. The Member must apply to Norwegian or the current Reward Partner to register CashPoints after a purchase has been made. Norwegian and the Reward Partners are free to set and change the rules for granting the registration of CashPoints after a purchase, and to decline any such application without having to justify the decision made. Visit the help and contact page for more information on which Reward Partners allow registration after a purchase. 

3.5 Earned CashPoints will be available for use once the transaction data or the information about CashPoints earned is transferred from the Reward Partner to Norwegian Reward. There may be considerable variation as to when transaction data is transferred. Details about the usual data transfer times for each Reward Partner is available at It normally takes 14 working days after the transaction data has been received by Norwegian Reward for CashPoints to become available for use by the Member. If registration of the transaction data does not happen, regardless of the reason, all requests or demands for missing CashPoints must be submitted directly to the respective Reward Partner with which the purchase was completed. Norwegian Reward waives all liability for the registration of missing CashPoints with Reward Partners. 

3.6 Unused CashPoints expire and are deleted every 24 months after the end of the calendar year in which the CashPoints were earned. CashPoints must be used in the year that they are earned or during the two following years, unless another period of validity was specifically stipulated when the CashPoints were acquired. Benefits expire 12 months after the month in which a Member no longer has enough qualifying flights for the benefits to remain available to him or her. 

3.7 Norwegian Reward may change the requirements for the type of activity or purchases required for earning benefits. Current requirements for access to benefits is available at Benefits are earned according to the information published on at any time. 

3.8 Benefits have varying validity and rules for qualification. Conditions for each individual benefit are available on 

4. Redeeming CashPoints and benefits

4.1 The registered amount of CashPoints that are available in an account can be used as partial payment towards the purchase of goods and services from the airline Norwegian, including flights (domestic or international), extra baggage, seat reservations etc. Norwegian Reward reserves the right to determine the amount of CashPoints that may be used as partial payment at any time. Examples of this include a maximum CashPoint redemption limit, or a minimum amount paid in another form of payment other than CashPoints.  

CashPoints can only be used with electronic transactions with the airline Norwegian, or possibly with a Reward Partner. CashPoints cannot be used by booking with a travel agency or other similar sales offices. CashPoints cannot be paid out in cash. 

When you redeem CashPoints, the oldest CashPoints are used first. 

Activated benefits can only be used with electronic transactions when logged into a user profile with the airline Norwegian, or with a Reward Partner. Benefits can only be used by the Member who earned the benefit. Benefits cannot be sold or paid out in cash. 

4.2 There are no special conditions or restrictions related to travel, goods, or services, that are paid with CashPoints, or where benefits are used during purchase. The general rules which apply to purchases (including ticket type), apply similarly for travel paid in full or partially with CashPoints. 

4.3 The Members themselves are responsible for all taxes resulting from or relating to the use of Norwegian Reward and CashPoints, such as where CashPoints are earned in relation to business travel paid by an employer. Norwegian Reward waives all responsibility in relation to taxes and tax obligations imposed on the Member in connection with the accrual or withdrawal of CashPoints and/or benefits. 

4.4 Members and Partners are not allowed to buy, sell or exchange Norwegian Reward's CashPoints, outside of the alternatives provided by Norwegian Reward. 

5. Family Account

5.1 General conditions for Family Account 

Family Account is a feature provided to Members who wish to collect family members’ earned CashPoints in one account. This makes it easier to use the Family's earned CashPoints when booking tickets at Please read the following carefully before joining a Family Account. 

All earned CashPoints are transferred from the Member to the Family Account by creation of a Family Account or acceptance of an invitation to a Family Account. CashPoints earned by the Member while being part of a Family Account are transferred to the Family Account. Any transfer of CashPoints from the Member’s individual account to a Family Account is non-refundable and irreversible. 

By joining or creating a Family Account, the Member accepts being part of the Family Account for at least three (3) months. A Member can only be part of one (1) Family Account.  

All members of a Family Account can redeem CashPoints, but only the Family Account administrator (“Captain”) can manage participating members’ redemption access on 

The Member’s benefits and registered flights will not be affected when joining a Family Account. The Member will keep the registered flights and earned benefits as individual benefits.

Members may use Family Account for personal purposes and while traveling for business purposes but not for any commercial or other use. Norwegian Reward reserves the right to delete Family Accounts that are used for commercial purposes.  

5.2 Creation of a Family Account 

To start a Family Account, you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older. By starting a Family Account, you are considered the Captain of the Family Account. The Captain of the Family Account may invite up to six (6) other Members into the Family Account. A Norwegian Reward Member who is invited to join the Family Account must accept the invitation by logging into his or her Norwegian Reward account, completing the electronic registration process and entering all required information. If the Captain of Family Account invites a Norwegian Reward Member who is under the age of sixteen (16) to join a Family Account, that child's guardian must access the child's Norwegian Reward account online to accept on his/her behalf. 

As soon as one (1) Norwegian Reward Member accepts the invitation from the Captain of the Family Account to join the Family Account, the minimum number of Family Account members has been satisfied, and the Family Account is officially created. 

If the Captain of the Family Account wishes to leave the Family Account or terminate his/her Norwegian Reward membership, another member of the Family Account must be appointed as Captain of the Family Account. When surrendering the role as Captain of the Family Account, existing CashPoints will remain in the Family Account and accordingly may not be transferred back to a personal account. In order to change the Captain of the Family Account, you must contact us.

The Captain of the Family Account: 

  • Can control the Family Account, both in terms of redeeming CashPoints from the Family Account and granting/revoking the rights of the other members of the Family Account to redeem CashPoints from the Family Account.  
  • Can redeem CashPoints from the Family Account without the permission of family members.  
  • Can remove any member from the Family Account at any time, and all CashPoints will remain in the Family Account.  
  • Will keep registered flights and earned benefits as personal benefits.  
  • Will only have access to transaction details from his or her own Member profile and not those of other members of the Family Account.   

5.3 Members of the Family Account 

Members who accept an invitation to join a Family Account are considered to be members of the Family Account. By acceptance of a Family Account invitation, the Member accepts the following:  

  • All CashPoints in the Member’s account are transferred to the Family Account. All Members can earn CashPoints, including infants under two (2) years old, provided the net cost of the Member’s ticket is more than zero (0). 
  • The rights to redeem CashPoints from the Family Account is granted by the Captain of the Family Account. If the Captain of the Family Account does not grant this right, the member of the Family Account does not have CashPoint redemption rights.   
  • If the Member leaves a Family Account or the Captain of the Family Account removes the Member from the Family Account, said Member’s CashPoints will remain in the Family Account. CashPoints will not be transferred back to the Member’s personal account.  
  • The Member will keep registered flights and earned benefits as personal benefits.  
  • The Member will only have access to his/her own transaction details from his/her own Member profile, and not those of other members of the Family Account. 

5.4 Other Norwegian Reward bonus offers 

Eligibility for Norwegian Reward bonuses and benefits, or other offers, is based solely on individual actions. This includes, but is not limited to: travel, use of Norwegian Reward Partners, participation in games, or any other program-related activity in which a Member may partake. CashPoints earned by other members of a Family Account will not count towards bonuses or benefits awarded to Members based on their individual activity within the Norwegian Reward program. 

6. Child Account  

6.1 Children can also become Members of Norwegian Reward in order to earn CashPoints and benefits on their travel with Norwegian. For children under the age of 16, a guardian must create and manage a child’s membership (“Child Account”) on his/her behalf until the child reaches the age of 16. A guardian may manage a Child Account until the child reaches the age of 18, should the guardian wish to do so.  

6.2 In order to fulfill legal requirements, Norwegian Reward collects information about a child's date of birth. It does this to ensure that all marketing communication towards the child as a Member of the Norwegian Reward program meets the current marketing regulations for children. Information about a Member's date of birth is also necessary in order to initiate the process of converting a membership for a child into a membership for an adult.  

6.3 A guardian who creates a Child Account must be 18 years or older. The guardian who creates a Child Account has access to use the child’s CashPoints and to manage the child’s benefits.  

When creating a Child Account, a Family Account is also simultaneously created, with the guardian who created the Child Account set as the Family Account administrator, or “Captain” of the Family Account. If the guardian is already part of a Family Account, the Captain of said Family Account is required to create a Child Account for the child. All terms and conditions relating to Family Accounts apply when a child forms part of a Family Account. 

When a Member with a Child Account turns 16 years old, the guardian will receive an email with a request to register the child's email address. Once an email address is provided by the guardian, the child concerned will then receive a separate email with information about membership in Norwegian Reward and the opportunity to choose whether to remain a Member or not. If the child wishes to remain a Member of Norwegian Reward, he/she will be able to manage his/her membership, including consent given for the processing of profile information and communication towards the Member.  

If the guardian has not provided the child's email address before the child reaches the age of 18, the child's membership and profile information will be deleted, including any earned benefits. 

7. General Regulations 

7.1 Modifications or cancelation of program:  

Norwegian Reward reserves the right to modify, suspend or cancel the Reward program and/or the Family Account feature, in whole or in part, at any time. Any changes Norwegian Reward makes will be effective immediately on the date of notice, which it may give either by posting on the Norwegian Reward site or by sending notice to Members via email. A Member’s participation in the program after the date of such notice will be deemed acceptance of such changes.  

7.2 Changes to these terms:

Norwegian Reward reserves the right, at any time and with a least one month’s notice, to change the existing terms and conditions, including, changing the rules about earning and redeeming CashPoints and benefits. For changes to already conducted transactions, the Member is entitled to a three (3) months' notice period, while changes in future transactions require one (1) month’s notice. During the notice period, the Member can earn and redeem already earned CashPoints and benefits by making qualified purchases in accordance with the existing terms and conditions. The Member shall be informed about changes via email. Information about changes can also be obtained by visiting Members reserve the right to cancel their Norwegian Reward membership at any time.  

Members should review these terms and conditions periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version. Members will be able to tell when the version was last updated by checking the "Last Updated" date at the bottom of these terms. 

7.3 All questions or disputes regarding the program, including, without limitation, those involving eligibility, participation, fraud and abuse, will be resolved by Norwegian Reward, in Norwegian Reward's sole discretion. 

7.4 Norwegian Reward has the right to transfer the rights and obligations of the Member to another legal entity (company), for example, in connection with a reorganization of the program or a corporate reorganization. 

7.5 The Member consents that all communication to him/her concerning Norwegian Reward, including changes to the Terms and Conditions can be carried out electronically. 

7.6 Norwegian Reward waives all liability resulting from errors with data systems or similar under the responsibility of Reward Partners or their subcontractors, which prevents or impedes the accumulation, withdrawal or use of CashPoints, benefits, and other features of the program. This applies regardless of whether the error lies with Norwegian, Norwegian Reward, the Reward Partner or with any of their subcontractors.   

7.7 The Member shall treat the login data (username and password) as confidential and is responsible for withholding access to his/her login data from third parties. Any transactions using a Member's login data shall be deemed to be authorized by said Member. Norwegian Reward assumes no liability in connection with stolen, misused or unauthorized access to Members’ login details. In any such event, the Member is responsible for contacting Norwegian Reward as soon as possible in an attempt to prevent any misuse of the Member’s account. 

7.8 Should a situation arise that would make it impossible or unreasonably burdensome for Norwegian Reward to fulfill its obligations to the Member due to circumstances beyond the control of Norwegian Reward, Norwegian Reward’s obligations cease as long as the situation persists. 

8. Disputes and applicable law 

8.1 Norwegian LoyaltyCo AS has organisation number 992 197 552, PO Box 115, NO-1330 Fornebu, Norway, is a Norwegian organisation, and in the case of a possible dispute regarding the terms and conditions for Norwegian Reward, Norwegian law will apply. Disputes will be settled by Norwegian courts. The parties accept Asker and Bærum (Norway) District Court as the exclusive venue for any disputes that may occur during or as a consequence of this agreement. 


Last updated: 04.11.2023