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All about Norwegian Reward benefits

In addition to earning CashPoints on all flights, you can also enjoy more benefits, which give you an even smoother journey, for less.


Introducing Norwegian Reward Priority! Once you reach 32 flights within 12 months, you'll get a set of exclusive benefits, reserved for our most frequent flyers!

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8 flights = 1 new benefit

You get a new benefit for every eighth flight within 12 months. If you have a stopover, it counts as two flights.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

Your next benefit

12 months

When you receive a new benefit, it's valid for 12 months.

Unlimited use!

You can use your active benefits on as many flights as you like. If you continue to fly as much as before, you can keep your benefits even longer than 12 months. Benefits continue to be active as long as you have enough qualifying flights.

Your first benefit:

+2% extra CashPoints

You can then choose between:

  • Free Fast Track

  • Free standard seat reservation

  • Free checked baggage

  • More +2% extra CashPoints

  • NEW!

    Free overhead cabin baggage

How many benefits
can you get?

You can choose between 5 different benefits. If you fly 32 times within 12 months, you'll have achieved all the benefits of the program, including a set of additional exclusive benefits.

Norwegian reward priority

Norwegian Reward Priority

Fly 32 times within 12 months and get all benefits, including these exclusive benefits reserved for our most frequent flyers:

*Only on flights with catering service


Terms and Conditions for Norwegian Reward benefits